“I’m writing to say thank you very much for your Get More Clients Now program.

I know there’s a lot of business coaches and self-help resources out there these days, but your program is the real thing!  I can’t begin to tell you how, in just a matter of weeks, my law practice transformed from waiting for the phone to ring to having more business than I can handle!  By just following your plan of daily activities, progress tracking, building a marketing plan and participating in weekly accountability calls, I’ve discovered a whole new way to run my business, and succeed!  There’s a ton of referral business out there waiting to be tapped into and I’m confident anyone can vastly improve their business by participating in your program.  Thanks again Jim!”
-Bradley H. Costello, Esq.
Costello Legal Services

“I have been working with Jim Thompson in his Get Client Now program and it has helped me focus in on specific techniques I need to perform on a regular basis, specific activities, to make my practice more successful

Before his program I used to get distracted in my marketing. I was always suckered by the newest shiny marketing idea to appear in my email inbox. His Get Clients program has helped me to focus on those few proven marketing activities which really work.

I am now in control of my practice. Thanks again.”
-Tom Olofsson, Esq.
Law Offices of Tom Olofsson

“I can’t say enough about Jim Thompson’ s GET MORE CLIENTS NOW Program. Jim gave me a game plan of actions to take that directly contributed to my survival in my first year as a solo and actually has helped me thrive as a solo.  It’s his expertise and enthusiasm that helped me most. When I was nervous or needed someone to bounce ideas off of, Jim was there. Jim helped me land clients, helped me keep clients, and is a great pal.”
-Amy Cramer, JD, LL.M
Cramer Law Chicago, P.C.

“Jim has been working with me on business development, and his help has been invaluable. Jim focuses on working with new attorneys and sole practitioners. With the myriad of business coaches, I don’t know anyone who does what Jim does.  Jim provides a complementary consultation, and I strongly recommend that my sole practitioner brethren take advantage of this opportunity.  website. Is Amy the person I talk to about this; someone else?”
-Rich Crane
Law Offices of Richard A. Crane, Ltd

“Jim’s program was very helpful in reminding me about certain things I know I should be doing  and by being on his program he has helped me ingrain those habits in to my daily routine.”
Nick Augustine, Esq

“Your ‘Get More Clients Now’ program has been the most productive business and personal development process that I’ve ever participated in.

The activities in the program are things that many of us know that we need to do on a regular basis, rather than periodically. You clarified the purpose of the program of making it a daily habit of doing the activities in order to build our client and referral base. It took about a week, but the activities are definitely a habit, and an integral part of being effective and productive.

Your simple steps and guidance made the activities easy to follow and integrate in my daily and weekly objectives. The tracking method is an excellent way to execute my marketing plan, solidify referral and client connections, define my goals and objectives, and follow up effectively. The weekly group coaching calls kept us all accountable and ready with marketing ideas to share. As a result, my efforts are streamlined, the connections with clients, referrals and prospects are more solid, and my follow up process is more defined than ever.

In other words, “Get More Clients Now” is the best way to make the best intentions become real. Thank you, Jim!”
-Jennifer Piazza
Open One Solutions

“The marketing program Jim Thompson facilitates has been a business-changing experience for me! If you are a professional or a business owner, this program is for you. The easy-to-understand “cookbook” method of developing a solid marketing strategy coupled with the accountability offered by Jim and the rest of the team is a powerful recipe for success. I’ve never been closer to my monthly sales goal, and we actually had our best month ever while on this program.”
-Rich Cruz, Independent Consultant
Greater Chicago Consulting, Inc.

“As a financial advisor the key to a successful practice is to develop a strong base of clients. For many this is a significant challenge, and many lack a solid plan to grow their business. Jim Thompson has provided a viable and effective method with his Get Clients Now program. Jim offers both a proven system for attaining clients as well as offering the type of accountability needed for success. Jim’s excellent business mentoring and coaching directly resulted in my best month of business, and significantly contributed to the most successful year of my career. I highly recommend Jim for any professional desiring to grow and expand a practice.”
-Stephen Dissette
Investment Advisor Representative

“I recently completed the Get Clients Now program facilitated by Jim Thompson of Midwest Consulting Group. I would recommend this program to any business professional that is serious about growing their client base. Jim offers a very interactive and challenging format to push individuals beyond their comfort zone to a higher level.

I walked away with a game plan of actions that directly contribute to the success of my company. This program is applicable to individuals with any level of experience. The overall format encourages group support and accountability. Jim is a wonderful listener as well a creative strategist to accommodate participants in unique fields or varying circumstances.

The Get Clients Now Program has now become a daily part of business activities.”
Brian A. Thompson, President
Black & Essington Solutions, LLC

“Who would have thought that 28 days can make a difference in your professional career? By following Jim Thompson’s Get Clients Now! program, I increased my one to one prospect meeting exposure by 130% and hit a closed business ratio of 80%! This simple yet detailed program offers you all the tools to succeed!”
– Andrea Ramirez-Justin, Vice President

Old Plank Trail Community Bank

“Jim’s Get Clients Now! program helped me set goals, plot out methodology to reach those goals, and held me accountable to putting those methods in play each and every day. In only 28 days, I accomplished tasks that have been sitting on “to do” list for months, reached out to prospects more consistently and was inspired by a whole new range of ideas for entirely different goals to set and accomplish. When you follow Jim’s program, you can’t help but succeed.”
-Rebecca Palumbo, Creative Director

Rollins Palumbo Creative