Individual Get More Referrals Program


Attorneys are always telling me they get most of their referrals from other attorneys, but when I ask them what they are doing to get these referrals, most get that faraway look and then say something like: “I tell my attorney friends to send me referrals or words to that effect”.

If you want to grow your practice by way of referrals asking for referrals from attorneys this way will never work. Just ask yourself how do you ask fellow lawyers for referrals and how is that working for you?

This is a general overview of our 5 week program.  Each program is tailored specifically for you after our initial consultation, but the following will give you a general idea of what you can expect.  Click on each week below to learn more.

    • You will learn what a real “Referral Mindset” is and why it is so important to have a “Referral Mindset” if you want to grow your practice by referrals from both other attorneys and clients.
    • You will learn why getting referrals from attorneys is so much easier than getting referrals from your clients. We will also talk about getting referrals from your clients throughout this 5 week course.
    • You will learn why is it is so important to put together an action plan and in that regard, you will get an overview of the ACTION ITEMS you will be using during the program. You will be given the 7-10 ACTION ITEMS that you will be doing during the first week of the program and each week thereafter. Some ACTION ITEMS you will continue doing and others may be changed depending on what may be needed.
    • You will learn why the key to this program is ACCOUNTABILITY and you will be keeping track on a tracking worksheet that I will provide. I will be holding you ACCOUNTABLE for doing what you say you will be doing.
    • This first week will be a trial run where together we can work out any of the bugs, get questions answered, etc., before the program really gets going in the second week.
    • I know that, from talking to many of my clients, they were initially worried about having the time to do this program. In most cases what I will be asking you to do  will take no more than an hour a day. If you think you do not have an extra hour you will just have to trust me when I say I will show you how you can get this extra hour a day.

  • We will continue developing your “Referral Mindset” and you will learn what is meant by a TRUE “REFERRAL PARTNERSHIP” If you want referrals from attorneys then you must develop true “referral partners”..
  • You will learn the three key elements you must know if you are going to develop “Referral Partnerships” and we will begin to develop each one of these.
  • You will learn why referrals from lawyers are a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone.
  • You will learn why most lawyers do not get referrals from other lawyers; actually you will learn why a few lawyers get all the referrals they can handle from other lawyers and you will then be able to put some of these into your practice.
  • You will continue to do 7-10 ACTION ITEMS. Some of these will remain the same from the first week and others may change. Some will be the same for everyone and other ACTION ITEMS will be individualized as we have our private sessions and I learn more about you and what you need to succeed.

  • You will continue to develop your “Referral Mindset” and you will learn who can be your ideal “Referral Partners”. You may be surprised to find out who can give you the most referrals.
  • You will learn where you can find your ideal “Referral Partners”
  • You will learn what you must share with potential “Referral Partners” if you want to begin the relationship.
  • You will learn why the most important aspect on getting referrals is not actually getting them. This may surprise you
  • You will learn the “THREE” most important words in developing “Referral Partners”.
  • You will learn the value of having a follow up system and you will begin to develop your follow-up system. Actually you will begin to develop a follow up system in the first week.
  • You will continue to do between 7-10 ACTION ITEMS each day. Some of the ACTION ITEMS you did will continue and some may be removed and new ones added.

  • We will continue to develop your “Referral Mindset” I hope you see that developing a “Referral Mindset” is not something that happens overnight and that you must continually work at it.
  • We will continue to build on what you have learned.
  • You will learn the one critical step you must take after you have met a potential referral partner.
  • You will learn how you can become the “Family Lawyer”. I do not mean you will practice family law,
  • You will continue to do between 7-10 ACTION ITEMS each day, again some may be removed and new ones added.

  • Now that you will be starting to get referrals you will learn what you must do to keep those referrals coming.
  • You may think you know how to thank someone who refers you, but you will learn how to really thank someone who refers you. I do not mean giving gifts or paying referrals fees and doing so will cost you less than a cup of coffee.
  • We will talk about referrals fees. Not the ethical aspects but the practical aspects of giving and accepting referral fees.
  • We will talk about some very important Dos and Don’ts when it comes to referrals. Some of these we will have previously talked about and they are worth repeating.
  • You will continue to do between 7-10 ACTION ITEMS each day. Some of the ACTION ITEMS you did in the preceding weeks will continue and some may be removed and new ones added.
  • We will have a final group call on last Friday of the Program to talk about the Program and we will also talk about how you can continue to do the ACTION ITEMS you have been doing.


Each week will start with a one and one-half hour discussion where we as a group will discuss what you did the previous week, what worked for you, what didn’t and why. We will have a teaching session where I will talk about what you will be learning and why you will be doing different ACTION ITEMS, you will be doing during the coming week. There will also be 2 fifteen minute individual sessions with me during each week to see how you are doing and help you with any problems you might be experiencing.

Each week you will be tracking your progress and prior to beginning of the next week we will discuss what has been working for you and what has not. You will have a tracking sheet that you will be completing each week.


I have an extensive list of experts I can call on to interview and every week I will doing a 1 hour interview with someone that can help you with some of the problems you are having in your practice. These will be recorded so that you can listen to it when you have time. Topics such as ethics, stress management, and other topics that may not directly relate to the practice of law but are necessary if you want to be successful.

I think you can see this is a very aggressive program and you will be working hard but you worked hard in law School and if you put your mind to it you can accomplish more than you think is possible.


While I cannot guarantee that you will be getting a certain number of referrals because each practice is different and there are things beyond my control, but I can guarantee that if at any time you do not honestly feel the program is beneficial to you and your practice, I will refund your investment NO questions asked.

My GOAL is to help you succeed in building a lifelong successful practice.

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