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Ask yourself, are you missing out on getting more business from existing clients because  they really do not know all that you do or are you not getting referrals because clients that could refer you do not know all that you do.

Perhaps an illustration will drive home this point.

A personal injury lawyer settles an automobile accident case and his client loves him. The  client would do almost anything he could to help his attorney get more business.

About 6 months later, this attorney sees his client and they have a nice chat. The attorney learns that his client’s mother has been in the hospital and the client tells him that her doctor really screwed up.  The lawyer is now thinking, I am going to get a nice Med Mal case.

Next, comes a staggering revelation. the lawyer is told by his client that they hired another lawyer right down the street to handle the malpractice claim.

When a lawyer inquires as to why his client did not come back to him, he is told: “I did not realize you did medical malpractice or I certainly would have brought the case to you”.

While this might seem like an extreme example, just think about your own practice and what your clients may not know about all that you do. They may know the one thing that brought them to you, but they may not realize that you do other things that could add value to them as well as increase your bottom line.

There are many things that you can do to begin creating this awareness. I would suggest that you create a new client kit, which is simply a set of materials that you provide to your new client with all the information they need to know to work with you and your law firm successfully. One of the elements of this kit should be an introduction to all the services your law firm has to offer

This is a great start but you must do much more than simply give them a list of all you do. You must continually be educating them and one of the ways that you can do this is through a newsletter or other information that is emailed to them. In your newsletter or emails, you can talk about a recent case you handled or you can talk about a new development in the law. Really anything that will keep you name before them and also educate them as to ALL that you do.

With clients that you are working with you could develop a questionnaire which would give you the opportunity to sit down with them, find out how you are doing and how you can improve your services. When you are sitting down with them, one of the questions that you could ask is, are they aware of all of the services you perform. This usually will lead you into talking about all your services and you can then give them an information packet if you have not already done so.

It is not just your current clients and past clients that you need to educate regarding all your services, it is also your referral sources,  those that have given you referrals in the past. You may be missing out on referrals because they simply do not know all that you do.

Try this simple test. The next time you are talking with a client ask them to tell you what you do and if they cannot name more than the one thing you have done or are doing for them, perhaps it is time to think about how you can educate your clients

Again, if you are not constantly educating your clients and referral sources as to all the services you provide, you are leaving money on the table.?

James E. Thompson, JD is the President of Lawyers Marketing Resource a company dedicated to helping lawyers grow their practice. You can contact him at jet@lawyersmarketing
He is the author of “Why Lawyers Fail to Get the Referrals they Deserve and Need to Grow Their Practice and What They Can Do About It” and “Why Most Lawyers FAIL at Getting Referrals from Other Lawyers and How to Change That”  If you would like an ebook copy of either or both books visit his website: and you will find instructions on how to get the books



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