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John Jantsch in his book “THE REFERRAL ENGINE” asked this question.

You may recall when you’re in high school, being called easy wasn’t exactly a compliment, but when it comes to generating referrals from your clients, it is essential that you be considered easy, so what are you doing to make yourself easy to refer?

There are many places where a law firm can fall down in this regard, and friction of any kind will slow down your rate of referrals.

Here are some of the common places that chance points out that you need to look for friction in your business.  Ask yourself, is your business easy:

  • to communicate with?  Can people contact you or your staff in a number of ways, such as voicemail, email, contact-office page, texting?
  • To understand? Do you consistently communicate the description of your narrowly defined market and plaster your simple core message of value on every marketing asset?
  • To listen to? Do you have two or three well-developed sales and workshop-type presentations on message?
  • To network with? Do you have a give-two get mentality, do you have a plan to get in front of people online and off-line, to your focus on building strategic relationships.
  • To trust? Do you consistently produce high- quality education-based content? Do you keep your promises, do you return phone calls promptly?
  • To retain your services? Is there a smooth transition when someone agrees to hire you? Do you have a follow-up process, on new client orientation?
  • To work with?
  • To Refer? Do you have tools that teach how to refer you, give your clients and referral partners a way to refer you?

Obviously not every one of these is going to apply; however, the more of these you can apply in your practice, the more referrals you will be getting.

James E. Thompson, JD is the President of Lawyers Marketing Resource a company dedicated to helping lawyers grow their practice. You can contact him at jet@lawyersmarketing
He is the author of “Why Lawyers Fail to Get the Referrals they Deserve and Need to Grow Their Practice and What They Can Do About It” and “Why Most Lawyers FAIL at Getting Referrals from Other Lawyers and How to Change That”  If you would like an ebook copy of either or both books visit his web site: and you will find instructions on how to get the books



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