About Us

Mission Statement

At Lawyers Marketing Resource our mission to help lawyers and other professionals grow their practices by getting more clients through “Relationship  Marketing”.  We teach clients not only how they can develop a Referral Mindset and just as important how they can teach their Clients to have a referral mindset. All of our programs use the  E  A  A  method, EDUCATION, ACTION and ACCOUNTABILTY.

At Lawyers Marketing Resource, we believe in collaborative consulting.

Collaborative Consulting is a hybrid brand of consulting that takes into account the fact that Lawyers especially those in a solo practice or in a small firm  need education, coaching, training, inspiration and very often a  kick in the pants (ACCOUNTABILITY) in order to build a Marketing System that returns predictable growth and results. We like to say “We don’t do it for you, We do it with you”

How We Work

When a  potential client contacts us about helping them get more clients, we need to know whether or not we would be a good fit for each other. Therefore, we offer a complementary assessment. When you contact us about possibly working with you, we will send you a short questionnaire that should take about ½  hour to complete. In this way, we can get to know you better and what you are looking for.  After we get this questionnaire back, we will schedule a telephone appointment to discuss if we can help you.  This is a no cost telephone consultation with no obligation whatsoever to continue with us.

We do not accept everyone as a client, just as you and your law practice do not accept everyone who wants to retain your services. There must be a good fit, both ways. If we don’t feel comfortable with you, that is, you are going to benefit from the program and complete the program then we feel that we would be wasting each other’s time. In the same token, if you do not believe that you would benefit from our coaching method, then of course we would expect you to tell us and not hire us.